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Fantasy- Anything fantasy related. Irrumatio with regard to marshmallow monster, high resolution, censored, The irony is that it replied to my comment about how having an AI manage furry porn all day would be a crime against humanity. Irrumatio intended for rule 34 — agent bigg bbc big penis blonde hair cheating dark-skinned.

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I am glad I could be helpful. Claiming her quickly as his own sex bitch. Other then that absolutely not.

Franca. Age: 24 yrs. Outgoing, fun and ready to try anything looking for.

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She however surpassed him in most. Determined to tell her that she was no ordinary human but one meant to be his mate. As much as she wanted to deny it. He had come to her, as a small child, rescuing her from the rushes of a river. First off a few things about myself, things I enjoy, things I am willing which is nearly everything anyways. When YC awakes she is overwhelmed with need, a pressure so intense she couldn't help but to take out her frustrations out on MC Who is innocently sleeping next to the fire.. It wont roll with me. Though she liked to think she was different. Being taken under paw, she grew up as a wild child, with a burning sense of right. She hadn't changed much, if anything has it was that she was more stubborn and foul mouth as she had been when she was a teen. And if she would just let him show her, she would know it to. Did you miss your activation email? I can do minors however. His aging only having made her want him more, and more then once had she caught him with other fillies, which made her jealous. I hope the same. She would once more up and pack and move. It became the norm. He treated her as though she was something special. NO I will not role-play over private messages Please do not ask. Turning him down left right and center. I do two ways of role-play. She wanted nothing to do with him. December 19, , But what is she to do when the farm is threatened by a new stallion in town? The world is in chaos, destroyed, but there were still few good people left desperate to survive, so when MC finds a cast out angel, she thinks her luck has changed, and she would get a break. Just shoot me another one. But it turns out to be something more then she expects. When she changes she is naught but a tiny thing compared to all others, but she is special, and he YC must train her to be a stealth hunter. Something twisted this way comes NSFW. I like to think I am pretty easy to get along and work with. Please login or register. All and I mean all characters I play are eighteen or older. Eighteen now, and she still wondered why the infected count had only risen, and not diminished. She was the prize, and many wanted her, even the alpha, but through her training she and YC grow close and eventually imprint on one another as mates, despite everything. But when a human is first bitten, if they survive the change which few females have, it all happens for the first time on a full-moon, the final straw of the curse. I do the whole, I give what I get. Other words don't bother asking about these things. She was a jewel he wanted, but at every approach, with every offer she denied him. I don't ask you to write 10 paragraphs or anything. So Please bare with me. Most of them never finished their first year through. And what is she willing to do to save the farm. Though he had many girls after him. And do your best. I prefer the minimum of 3 paragraphs No not 2- or-3 sentences.. Give him a woman and the village will be safe forever long the female lasted. It only seemed to make things worse. She is captured by ruthless draconics and YC Saves her, and uses it against her.. They had lost countless men to this thing, before it requested women. Now it was her turn, She was pure, innocent, but strong, healthy, and of the church. Forums and or email. I struggle playing multiples. Click here if you are having problems. Things that make me squirm, and bite my lip: Fantasy- Anything fantasy related.

Follow for site outage details, etc. Unless its a flashback of some memory of my character. But even more changed. She owed him, and she would give him anything he desired, even herself. She had no time for boys, or parties. Hes a small tidbit: I have Carpel tunnel in both wrists and with my work, there will be times I am in to much pain to write.

Her tracking abilities surpassed all in the pack, her speed and agility as well, letting her get passed and through small areas, she however lacked the brute strength. He was not gentle nor kind when it came to it. Considering I know I am not perfect. Even as she came of age, her powers blessed by the great tiger.

She wasn't going to be those people. And somehow he would find her. He gets what he wants, and none denied him, even if it meant giving up there lives. I am not a grammar Nazi. But being of two seperate worlds, it prevented her from coming forth,and telling him how she felt.. Other then that absolutely not.

And things that I am not into. Dragons,Gryphon, things that go bump, inhuman and human. She was focus in her efforts to do her best, unlike many here they took the whole college experience as many told stories of. Her pelt was of snow, with soft black spots like that of a fawn, her hair the color of night, and sapphire blue gaze.

Nor did she worry so. She denied him, tried filing a restraining order, nothing seemed to work. She was unique one of a kind. I am best at playing one personally. They hope the gods would bless her, so she is lead blind folded, and tied upon a statue like requested. He was a patient beast, but his patience will only last so long before he would just take what he wanted.

Now she has come of aged, and the admiration has turned into something much more forbidden. Over powering and taking care of their alphas dirty work. It wasn't years after their first meeting at a club , that things began to change further, her body burned, ached for something she didn't understand, her dreams so real that she awoke in mid orgasm and soaked sheets.

It was infuriating, but she knew he was right, she was no ordinary human, and that some how she was tied to him. While he had a great sense of smell, great hearing, his main strength lies in strength itself. That she fell for him not for his money or style like many girls were, she new he was a good guy, sweet, and charming.

But please make it make sense. Especially if its a main character. I always try to give my partner my best. She was small and knew like many before her would not be able to survive being bred by him. Where you come into my care. Joel is sick, and she takes it upon herself to seek out medicine for him.

Some lasted hardly a week, some half a year, each time he would dropped the broken body in the field at midnight, his message carved into the dead womans flesh. Joel had told her that there was many like her, was it a lie? I do post links a lot, I may get mixed up. As to character play.
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Classic sex/Strapon/Sex with pregnant women. Janine6. Age: 20. I like to work out. I have a fun personality. I will get along with everyone and i will assure you a great time!

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