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A number of ordinance warrants were die- pissing goods nnder false was empty, and the "black wag- is gyScveial individuals on the wharf have had their pockets picked, recently, by mere lads, who teem to have a regular organization of thicvef. These were enlisted to carry Missouri out of the Union at the point of the bayonet, but to- day she stand6 flimer to her allegiance than at auy time since the rebellion broke out. Raid property la situated In Hardin county. They raised but little Ihe past year, and that Utile has been con- sumed by ihe oppoiiug armies that have in turn visited them.

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The vessel wis burning the next morning. Air, "Robert tol qnl 5.

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Full text of "Louisville daily Democrat (Louisville, Ky. : ): "

How those that remain here are to live through, it is impossible to aay. When, in the history of nations, did a people so wise and intelligent aj this Southern race of men attempt such a stupendous folly as that of pulling down a Government, under which they had beeu blessed in every way in whith mor- tals can be blessed, for a cause so frivolous and puerile? Wc believe that the spirit ol the State Wae frocn that insult more loyal during aud after has raid than it had ever been before. Dobbs, did yon pay that note yoa indorsed for ate? The loss of tbrir trains iu theit battles with our troops, ibeir long marches, their camps in the open air, have left them without many articles of necessity, with many sick, and many uiiflt. They represent Uindman as nearly deserted by his troops, but as gathering up all that he can, and moving dowu the Arkansas river, to cross the Mississippi and re-enforce Joe John- ston's army. The donors were farmers in the neighborhood of Middle boro. Captain Wainwright and Lieutenant Lea de- fended their ablp like brave men. It w,ll be seen from the gleaning of 18G0, imber of the census year ending June 1. All the crew stood by their ship to the laat, and I feel proud to pay this tribute to brave men, al though they may be our enemy. It is one of the first concerted resistances to op presaion, and shows both the aplrit of the pec- pioucted, mighl be made uaeful. IT we bear In mind the capital we had to go on when this war broke out in the South, wc can not but see thit there L.. S John W Crockett. But when onr army arrives there, we hope that the re- ward of these men and their sympathizers will not be counter oppiession. It is understood that the parents of the lady were opposed to the union, and this method was taken to oolwit ihem. We hope that, having revolted from one tyranny, they wiU not be met by another. Those who reaaained at home have had their chief pro- dace barn ad, aad are awed and terrified by that stem, relentless power of una aeatio n,d ability at Richmond. He was sent to crush out the Union sentiment, aud he did it with aa iron hand. I saw that there was no hopes of your ever paying it, aad I took it u j, well. Lincoln was elected, but they did not consider that a; auy hoslili'y to the Government. Forage lor horses and mules has to be sought a Sabbath day's journey distant, and there is no food but corn bread and fresh pork for man. Wc have room for one stauzt only, as a speci- men br.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Lin cola's proclamation, we must bear iu mind that he has declared the slave property, even of She t— mala in Georgia, to be i catedT aid has encouraged the blacks to Bjas. What a Christian government that of England is! They raised but little Ihe past year, and that Utile has been con- sumed by ihe oppoiiug armies that have in turn visited them.

Morgon, all ol the First Virginia cavalry; and J. The exodus from all this part of Iho State still continues. The uumber of persons relieved ihe week end- ine January 10, was 7, less than the previous week, and there was , on band, enough to last four niouthe. With theae she sub- sidised all Europe, and here I am.

We take from a late Southern paper the iol lowing revised list of tbe Cculedt rate Con- gressmen, now in session at Richmond: Texas- Wm 8 Oklham. The funeral of Captain Wainwright and Lieutenant Lea was attended by a large concourse of citizens and soldiers this day, aad a soldier's last tribute was paid to the remains of these brave officers.

A people accu-aonud 10 freedom, and wholly unaccustomed to the display ol mili- tary lorec, necessarily looked with j. Every road has formed a line of march — every valley a camp- ground. M my families are daily leav- ing, by every train for the North, and every os cort, conveying loads and loads of people who have been starved out by famine, or driveu out by war, and who are seeking a new home and means ol livelihood in the North.

It is also reported that a large quantity of ammunition is being shipped to the island. This telegram is her marriage eertlflcate. But wc a ill let the report speak for itself, i be tables referred to are omitted for want of space. Thousands were betrayed and seduced by the odious lie iolo tbe rebell- ion. It we wish to comprehend the rank injustice of Mr. The distress in Lancashire is diminishing.

It was the ful i rum which sustained the lever of Southern treason. Rebel Prisoners or Wan. No- where ia Arkansas, north of the river, could an army subsist a week. This part of Arkansas has been the bat- ik -ground where the possession of Missouri has been contested, and those parts of Mis- souri most severe ly scourged by war are gar- dens and a land of plenty compared to the im- poverished waste presented from ihe Missouri line to tbe Arkansas river.

Full text of " Louisville daily Democrat Louisville, Ky. There will be no Confederate army again in Western Arkansas for our troops to encounter. Here, there is literally nothing to eat. Tkey were told that the liberty bills, by the protection that they offered to the fugi- tive shive, had fearfully increased the number wholly insecure. Martin Lay son, in Bourbon county, containing acres, waa so'.

No action has yet been taken. Deadman, postmast- er at Little Washington. Many others slightly wounded, but not In the hospital. Every village has his handi- work iu heaps of ashes and piles of rubbish. She took part in three battles, and was wounded twice, first above the eye and then in the arm, the latter wound compelling her to disclose her sex.

I do not beBeve that Hiudman's conscripts, even, conld live here in auy large numbers. The cause of re- bellion on this score was, at least, infinitely greater in ihan in The mere fact of tbe existence ot void statutes could work no miecnief; and it is shown by this report that, if they bad any influence, it was exerted to di- minish, rather than increase, the number of fugitive slaves.

Many soldiers' wives and widows wept with j ay that day. Each wagon was decorated with a flag, and the whole led by a tine band. This gives such extreme pain as to cjusc the little crea- ture to emit intense sparks, which impart a most daazlmg and extraordinary effect. Brown congratulates himself on his fortunate riddance, the more sensible he will oe.

An- loine, Ca , a short time since, aud m aily de- voured an iufaut which lay alone in a room. A marriage by telegraph took place' ] to jaa utaction, "1 am glad yon did; now aay ntind. Brown has got so far as to escape from you on the wing, she can no longer be a uselul institution.

They are represented by five regiments of in- fantry and several companies of cavalry. Louis at four — spokep ia Alton at eight, owing to unex- pected chuu?

Indiana, has aent to a friend an order for sufficient cotton seed to plant twenty acres of the laad which be owns, in the vicinity of the town named. La- eroix, a merchant of Vincennes. The wealthiest planters are as destitu e as the poorest squatters. Aa it murmurs a aong Near the grave of sweet Marian Gray. Tipton, on High street, Parto, Ky. A generation cannot repair the rav- ages ol two years. Tbe youth were conscripted, tbe aged were shot or liuog; the dwellings, cburches,colh grs, and mills were burned; the land was desolated. They represent tbe- hardships of tbe Confederate a; my extreme. Alarmed by apprehensions of the loss of y, they were seised by the the frenzy raged, snd ruthlessly treason against their Govern Truth may be assailed, not conquered; it has appealed at last, in a shape so unquestionable, how inexpressibly humil be these victims of this labe they look it fall i B the face! Every one of these is odious to a well- bred man. It is care tully prepared, and, like an accurate arith melical calculation, it proves itself. McClellan to visit tbe State capital as a guest. This was especially true ol the great cry that was raised by the Southern traitor:: Tbe giant fa'echood was nude the chief grounds lor rebellion. The time for the ceremony had been ; fixed by tbe correspondence beforehand, and Train's Conversations with the Peoplel — Thiid Speech in St. The Defense of the Harriet Lane. In one of the bottoms, walled in by Pea Ridge, nailed to a tree, is a rough board with this inscription: You will recellect that the vole on secession in Northern Arkansas was greatly against it. Indeed, but evil legislation on our part. Refugee f are Btill coming in from the South. Time or tour came into camp last night. The gross- est misrepresentation of facts, and the most palpable falsehoods, will live throughout the longest political canvass, and accomplish the full measure of mischief for which their instigators designed them, before they can be arrested. By every roadside are blackened cliiiuucv where he applied the torch to Ihe dwellings of loyal citizens. Wounded Nicklee, Hajrerty, J. Every pound of salt meat and other rations — even vinegar, soap, and candles — have lo come from St. Virginia Kobert M T Hunter. James Kerr, at too, cash. Keep Them in Placi— It is reported at New York that General Wool has issued per- emptory orders forbidding any officers or soldiers leaving Governor's Island, excepting commanding officers, and prohibiting all ci- vilians from landing there. Of course only enough is produced to keep the people from starving, and this is tbe great reason that so lilt le cotton can be procured there. It is not taken into con ideration that il he a-awaaa hto fortunes with the Union he risk? It is only since those prin- ciples, ana the principles of those who go rr than the President, have become the feeliug at Washington, that they have It is not even now a as a re.
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